Interieur awards ‘spaces’

Biennale Kortrijk

‘Uncomfortably comfortable’, presenteert een mogelijkheid om bezoekers samen iets nieuws te laten ervaren, iets wat misschien een beetje gek is, een ervaring waardoor ze dichter bij elkaar komen, een ander begin van een nieuw contact. Het belangrijkste doel van deze bar is om een vruchtbare omgeving te creëren voor communicatie. Door bezoekers aan te moedigen de bar te betreden en daarmee hun comfort zone te verlaten, zal het ijs tussen hen sneller breken. Hiermee, draagt ‘uncomfortably comfortable’ bij aan een informeel en dynamisch contact tussen de bezoekers, dit alles terwijl de bezoekers fysiek in balans zitten. 

As a visitor of Interior Biennale, you feel inspired by all the beautiful and new things around you. Nevertheless, you are also a bit thirsty or hungry. In this state of mind, you pass by the ‘Uncomfortably comfortable’ bar. It looks like a cage, static, but dynamic; the wooden bars create a constantly changing image of the cage itself, but also of what is happening inside. A bit confused, you walk around the cage wondering if you would go in. Then you notice that you can enter through the bars. That seems a little awkward to you, so you choose the easy way by entering through the only wide entrance near the buffet. Here you will find no 'comfort food', but only food that is salutary for physical harmony.
Once you sit on a ball at a table, you naturally start correcting your unbalance.
Slowly, you adapt to the cheerful, colorful atmosphere. It invites you to share the experience with the people you are sitting down with. Easily, the conversations explore wider perspectives. You see a person moving through the bars, which gives you a playful sense of liberation while sitting in a cage. While enjoying your lunch and chatting with the people around you, you notice something else: it’s like being in the spotlights on a stadium stage, with thousands of people taking pictures of you with a flash, but a real slow-motion version of it. Your self-esteem rises and this gives an extra dimension to your conversation.
Satisfied, you leave the cage through the bars, with renewed energy for the next part of your visit of the Interior Biennale. 

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